Property Valuation

Any deal with the real estate requires the determination of its economic value. The valuation includes several stages, from the market research, demand and proposition analysis, to the detailed examination of the property.

We provide the service of property valuation for different types of the deals and propetines. For long-time rent, we evaluate the price and return on investments. In the case of bankruptcy, we define the liquidation value. And, of course, we support the sale and purchase deal. Our property valuation evaluates the location, year of manufacture, size, equipment, layout, use and condition, as well as current market trends. We help  our clients to get the best possible price, both for sellers and buyers.

  • Market Analysis
  • Investment planning
  • Property Portfolio Strategy

  • Applicable Taxes Calculation
  • Home Inspection
  • International Deals Support

  • Regulation Issues
  • Client Confidentiality
  • Ongoing Communications