Construction Management

Construction management includes planning, building and coordinating the real estate projects, from the conception till the completion. Effective construction management starts with the planning and coordination of financing, promotion and approval procedures, and forms the basis for cost-effective and reliable project management.

We provide the construction management service to our clients, who do not visit the construction site, with the sharp control of project cost, schedule, and quality. After defining the project goals in terms of quality, costs and time, we appoint your personal supervisor, who will be your trusted contact person during the entire duration of the project. We also process the invoicing and payment transactions.

Project Development

The ultimate goal of every construction project is the development of the viable project, both in terms of functionality and budget, which should completely satisfy the client’s requirements.

Architecture and Design

Our architects take part in every stage of the construction, starting from the interfacing and helping the building team members to avoid the missteps in the construction process.

Project Management

To complete the construction projects within the timeframe and budget, project managers combine the expertise in construction with the modern principles of management.

Here are some services the Construction Management team provides to our clients

  • Interfacing with design architect
  • Schedule development based on estimation
  • Obtaining permits and approvals
  • Subcontractors hiring and management
  • Procurement management
  • Daily work coordination